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Effective Termite Treatment Services | Miami Area Florida

TERMITES CONTROL AND FUMIGATION SERVICEEffective and Economic Termites Extermination and Fumigation Service, Done by Professionals

Although termites are only one centimeter long, their eating habits can cause very costly damage to properties as they are able to ruin the foundations and facade of a home in just a couple of years. You may not notice the destructive work of termites during the first 5 years of infestation, and then it could be too late. Home bases, furniture, shelves, books, carpets, and insulation materials are all possible sources of food for termites.

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Many termites’ treatments can be done without the need to evicting the house or using a tent, but it will depend on how bad the problem is


fumigacion con carpa en miami

To do a complete, effective and guaranteed termite work, the house must be completely covered by the special tent for termites, and the gas must remain inside for 24 to 48 hours..

tratamiento de termitas en casas

Additionally, we cover the corners with a special blue plastic, to reinforce and better protect your ceiling and house.
equipo para fumigar termitas

We use special and calibrated equipment with the necessary volume to treat termites.
exterminacion de termitas interior

We treat the house inside, where we apply special and effective chemicals against termites, which are transported with hoses for greater efficiency and quality of work.